Rwanda is one of the smallest countries in Africa but has some of the biggest attractions. The country is among the only three countries with mountain gorillas. Rwanda safaris are full of excitement when you meet gorillas in Volcanoes National Park and lots of sorrow when you visit the genocide memorial monuments. Gorilla watching is apparently the brightest star in the Rwanda tourism industry. Rwanda gorilla watching experiences are apparently the best. This is partly because Volcanoes National Park is close to Kigali City, a popular entry point for tourists. You only need two hours to access PNV by road. The gorilla experience in Rwanda is the most expensive so far. Permits go for $1500 each irrespective of your nationality and time of travel. This price tag alone automatically makes the country a luxury gorilla trekking destination. It doesn't favor tourists who want to go for budget gorilla trekking trips. Far east of the country lies Akagera National Park, a home to the big five game animals of Rwanda and down south lies Nyungwe Forest National Park, the largest montane forest in the East African region. Rwanda's tourism industry may not be diverse as such BUT remarkably offers unforgettable experiences. Want to go on Rwanda tours? See some of our Rwanda safari itineraries below.

Popular Rwanda Safari Packages

Above are some of our common Rwanda safari tours. Each tour package highlights at least one or two gorilla watching encounters. If your primary reason for going on Rwanda safaris is meeting gorillas, you will enjoy every minute of your stay in Volcanoes National Park. Each package comes with excellent lodging options to choose from, offered at relatively low discounted rates.

Why take on Rwanda safaris

Rwanda is popularly known for mountain gorillas. Rwanda gorillas are found in Volcanoes National Park in Musanze, a district located in the northern province of the country. Over 90% of tourists who travel to Rwanda go gorilla watching. The country isn’t so diverse like the rest BUT the few safari activities that are there are quite enjoyable. Besides gorilla watching tours, other interesting activities to carry out include Chimpanzee trekking, wildlife viewing, Golden Monkey tracking, cultural experiences, canopy walks plus a few more. Rwanda is a very organized country. Their price of permits might be $1500 but you are certain this money is going to be used to further the conservation of mountain gorillas and help them grow in numbers. The country has one of the best Mountain gorilla conservation efforts so far.

When to go on Rwanda tours

The best time to visit Rwanda is during the dry months of the year. These months are exactly the same for Uganda safaris and Congo Safaris. These dry months include June to September and December to February. Trekking becomes much easier during such months and so does wildlife viewing. Visiting outside these months is still fine but not advised.

Luxury of Affordable Rwanda Safaris

What differentiates a budget safari from a luxury one is majorly accommodation and means of transport. Safari vans and budget lodges are used to offer affordable experiences where as 4×4 safari land cruisers and luxury safari lodges are featured in high end packages. Luxury safari experiences offer more comfort than affordable ones. We recommend it more to affordable safaris. Only your budget will limit your level of comfort.

Choosing your Rwanda safari lodges

You should mind so much about the Rwanda safari lodge you choose. A bad accommodation facility can easily ruin your fun. Comfort matters a lot when it comes to travelling and you should emphasize it more. Endeavor to at least settle for a comfortable facility if your budget is tight or a luxury one if you can afford.