Silverbacks: All You Need To Know

A Male Gorilla Is Called A Silverback. Normally it should be about 12 years old and it called so because of the colour of the back; its turns silver with age.  Its also has large canine teeth that also grow with age. Those referred to as black back are males with age less than 12. Silverbacks are the dominant leaders of the group.

A silverback heads a group of about 5 to 30 gorillas and its always the center of attraction may be because of its unique features.Its makes all the serious decisions, controls and mediates conflicts, decides the movements and direction of the group,  where they will feed from and all the security detail.

Mature males slowly leave there groups usually at the age of 11, they travel alone ore are joined by a group of other males and females for about 3-5 years before they start a group and breed. Young gorillas will stay with their mothers up to about 4 years, meanwhile the silverback will care for the orphaned and the weaning gorillas.

Gorillas will beat the chest and scream breaking all the branches around and they move forward when they feel challenged by the young gorillas or anyone that is not part of this family. in this they are trying to send a message that they are in charge. Some mature gorillas will just take over agroup they belong to other than form one of their own may be after the death of the leader of just sending him away or even killing him themselves.

When a leader dies, may be because of disease, fighting each other, or by poaching, the family will separate and all the animals will be moving in search of a protective male. On a few occasions, the entire group may be taken over by another male. the new male may kills all the infants of the dead silverback wanting all the females only to have his babies and this makes them feel in control.

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