Why Do People Poach Gorillas

Despite conservation efforts from lost of parties, gorillas are still endangered animals. Illegal hunting is one of the key reasons for this and still remains a big threat especially in Virunga National Park Congo.

Selling their meat

In most of these Central African countries, gorillas are eaten and therefore most people earn family income by selling their meat. Since they are rare animals even their meat is very expensive. Some people even think it heals some of the illnesses in the land. Exporting this meat to countries in Europe is actually the best option that people consider in the modern days.

A portion of people also consume its meat while in the bush. This is most common among military groups that seek asylum in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Keeping them as private collections

Gorilla are strong animals that were always feared in the land. Most people kill them with just a reason to show their strength and keep there body parts as evidence that they did so.

Hunters hunt down and capture the gorillas to make private exhibitions like zoos. They are kept as pets though this is not so common due to their size and since they are fragile and need a lot of care to adulthood. Most of these people actually fail to give the proper care and the gorillas end up dying.

Selling their body parts

Traditional healers believe that parts from the gorillas can act as medicine to most of the dangerous diseases in the land. Since some of these diseases have no cure, people do whatever it takes to kill the gorillas being convinced that its the only cure. Witchcraft does attribute a big percentage to gorilla poaching and remains a common threat.

So many gorillas lose their lives daily; some in huge numbers and some solo. Countries like Rwanda and Uganda that have stepped up conservation efforts have started seeing an increase in the number of these primates.

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