Mountain Nyiragongo

Mountain Nyirangongo is an active volcano and it last erupted in 2002 killing over 150 people and forcing others to flee the city of Goma.

There are signs of an open vent again that faces the city of Goma and there is worry that there could be another eruption in the near future.

This volcanoes more like the ones in Hawaii. it has a lot of fluid lava that flow out very fast and its too hot.

The reason why Goma faces this threat is that it hold massive methane and carbon dioxide due to its distance from the volcanic vents.

Its also on the shores of Lake Kivu. This lake has about 2 million people with a lot of infrastructure with history of use of weapons of massive destruction during the civil wars.

The next time this mountain erupts it likely that the people around lake Kivu will survive. In 2002 the lave was flowing up to the lake but it didn’t explode but this time around chances are minimal that the same thing will happen.

Hiking the Mountain

A question is what if the eruption happens while you’re on the hike. The nature of the eruption, people are likely safer on top of the volcano than everyone else living at the bottom.

You can never tell when the volcano will erupt. The hike will take you about 5-6 hours.

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