FAQs About Mountain Gorillas

Mountain gorilla tracking experience has excited  many people involving travelers, researchers, school children and conservationists all aimed at obtaining in-depth information about the mountain gorillas. There are about 900-mountain gorillas surviving in the whole world, which make an encounter with these endangered species a fascinating experience for all travelers.

Whats the cost of  a gorilla permit?
Every country i.e Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo has a different cost for the permit. For the case of Uganda, a permit costs 600usd, Rwanda gorilla permits cost 1500 USD and 450usd in the Democratic Republic of Congo. There is uniqueness in each of the destinations regardless of the variations in price. Permits in uganda and DRC are offered on a lower rate during the low season. In Uganda, the permit is lowed to 450usd and the Democratic Republic of Congo at 250usd. Budget travelers can always take advantage of the low season permits.

The best time to go gorilla tekking?

Mountain gorillas live in the tropical rain forest therefore it is always great that you visit the mountain gorillas in the dry months of the year because then the trails are not slippery.(June to September and November to February)

Gorillas can also be seen during the wetmonths of the year provided you are strong enought to manage the slippery terrain. These months are called the wet season but it is not that it rains everyday therefore there are days when it doesnot rain during this season

How to dress for trekking?

Its is always cold therefore it is advised that you put on light layers that you can always put off hen it gets hot late in the day. Carry a rain coat as it can rain anytime of the day. Put on hiking boot since you will do a little hiking depending on where the gorillas will be.

What are the rules of gorilla trekking?

Know some of the rules and regulations of gorilla tracking? Of course you will briefed on what and what not to do during gorilla trekking but some of the rules you should know prior to the trek is that you cannot track gorillas when you are ill. The minimum age of tracking gorillas is 15 years.

What is the trekking time?

There is not specific time when trekking begins but it all depend on the weather. Usually you will have breakfast at 7 am and later assemble at the briefing point at around 7.30 am where you will later head out to track the gorillas.

Where do mountain gorillas live?

Having only 900 mountain gorillas surviving in the whole world, many people have continuously wondered where these endangered species reside. Mountain gorillas dwell in only two destinations, which are Bwindi impenetrable forest national park in Uganda and the Virunga conservation area shared between Mgahinga gorilla national park in Uganda, volcanoes national park in Rwanda and the Virunga national park in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This means that for one to encounter the endangered species, he or she must visit one of the two destinations.

What is included in the permit?

Its only the park entrance fee and the gorilla tracking as an activity.

What is the age limit for trekkers?

Only people aged 15 and above are allowed to track the gorillas.


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