Want to have an exceptional affordable experience with gorillas at an affordable cost? We offer prime budget gorilla trekking tour packages pre-packages with very comfortable facilities. Most people often confuse budget gorillas safaris with cheap gorilla trekking tours, these two terms are different in meaning. Going cheap can mean settling for the cheapest facilities or worse camping where as trekking on a budget can still guarantee you extremely comfortable facilities like accommodation and vehicles but at a much friendly safari cost. We offer some of the most price sensitive gorilla tour packages to our clients with very comfortable safari lodges and facilities. These lodges have agreed to offer us their facilities at low discounted rates. We offer these same confidential rates to you at no addition cost. Regarding transportation, we run all our gorilla tracking safaris using our own fleet of tour vehicles and do not charge much for them. With so many cost reduction measures in place, we can only guarantee you good pricing for your next gorilla expedition. Please look at some of our affordable gorilla tour packages below, drop us a mail and we should get back to you with a quote in the shortest time possible.

Budget Gorilla Tours

Despite offering comfortable facilities, the tour packages above are very affordable. Please note that our discounts do not affect the price of permits. A permit remains at a standard fee of $1500, $600 and $400 for Rwanda, Uganda Safaris and Congo Safari Tours respectively. These permits ought to be purchased several months in advance to guarantee your dates because they are sold on first come first serve basis.

Budget Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda, Uganda and Congo

As seen above, Rwanda doesn’t favor budget gorilla safaris in any way. The $1500 permit price is very high. Rwanda is a top luxury gorilla tracking country. Despite having extremely high tags on permits, you can still make your Rwanda safari holidays affordable by opting for budget facilities and services. The best destinations for budget gorilla tours are Uganda and Congo. You can still make your entourage from Rwanda, head to track from these countries and depart through Rwanda.

Travelling during the low season will also guarantee you some discounts on accommodation facilities and services. These months are March to May and October to November. The only downfall is the likelihood of rainfall.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us today for an exceptional budget gorilla trekking experience.